Today we turn our attention to the 17th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court — John G. Roberts.

At the time of his appointment in 2005, he was the third youngest to be appointed to the position. You need to go back to the early 19th century to find a younger man. So expect him to stay in this lifetime appointment for years to come.

He’s not flashy. Makes headlines by virtue of his job description. His views are often described as “Traditional”. Perhaps that’s a good thing. A little caution and tradition when dealing with issues affecting 350+ million residents is appropriate.

Expect him, and his co-workers, to make the several times this term. An important (okay, only important cases are considered at the court) decision on a portion of the Affordable Care Act (health care) is before the court. On a previous portion of the law Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote. Will he do so again?

Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Traditional”

  1. I support the Affordable Care Act as Constitutional despite a typo. There is a lot of precedent for Congress fixing these routinely. It is our politic ally divided nation that makes all this insane to me. But Roberts, though too conservative for me is a good man. Scalia? Alito? You kidding?

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