Does it work? Will it have consequences beyond a narrow intention? Is this ruling necessary?

These are some of the questions which likely surface in bold letters for the topic of today’s post — Associate Justice Stephen G. Breyer. Two things he has in common with last week’s profiled justice are: born in California and a degree from Stanford. There are more, as you would expect with ambitious lawyers. Also many differences in the path taken to the Supreme Court and in their private lives.

Just for fun, lets mention of few of the steps on Justice Breyer’s path.

Raised in a Jewish home. An Eagle Scout. Married an English citizen. Professor. Assistant Special Prosecutor of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force. (Glad I never had a work title that long or complicated.) Judge at federal appeals level.

Practical and pragmatic carries into his personal life. This is the Justice most likely to be seen hiking or attending a sporting event.

He asks good questions.  Will this work? Will this last?



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