Unbroken Beauty

Even the name reflects it. Ever green. Always. Year round. Dependable.

During the summer months you don’t pick them out of a crowd. The competition with their deciduous relatives can be intense. It can also be helpful as nearby grasses and trees drink up rain preventing wash outs and their potential harm. It’s good to have neighbors.

Writing can be a constant. For successful authors it’s a year-round occupation with the desire for more hours per day. When one book is sent out into the world — like pollen or seed — to find it’s own way it’s not time to stop. No, it’s time to begin on the new idea, write a draft to polish and shine.

This is not to mean authors don’t celebrate. The crowd I hang out with favor chocolate and wine as rewards for a job well done.

This tree below, with it’s fine sheared shape, has more than likely graced a family living room during a recent holiday season.

Giving year-round pleasure to the eye.
Giving year-round pleasure to the eye.

Will you be near Plum City, Wisconsin this weekend? Drop into the library on Saturday to meet the author of Starr Tree Farm.


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