Green Gamble

St. Patrick’s Day is coming. The day that all American school children – Irish or non-Irish — suffer consequences if they forget to wear green. Adults approach the day a little differently.

One of my favorite images is a laboratory secretary, an English war bride from the area near Bath, wearing a bright splash of orange on the day. (Influence of our Scottish boss?)

Parades, corned beef, and beer mark a day of celebration. I’m hoping for a spring day — unlike one in my college years where nature gifted us with a thunderstorm and several inches of snow.

I’ll show my recessive gambling gene in another form of green. I found them irresistible in the store. Brought them home and threw a mental dart at the calendar. Then I saved plastic yogurt cups and used the collection to hold dirt – and seeds.

Future tomato garnish
Future tomato garnish

If the gamble pays off I’ll have cherry tomato plants for myself and several friends. Yum. Yum.

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