Winter Fun

Winter = the coldest season of the year.

At least that’s the summary portion of the first dictionary definition.

This year it happens that “coldest” is even more chilling than usual. Still we have days of sunshine mixed among those of cloud. And at the latitude of St. Louis a day of above freezing does a lot to shrink the remains of the most recent snow.

Most years the ski, sled, snowman season is short. The regional commercial ski area depends on snow machines and the owners cross their fingers that temperatures stay on the cool side.

This year they are in luck. The snowstorm from early in the month has melted and compacted, leaving only modest dirty lumps where plows pushed giant piles. A little work from nature. Timely use of technology. A drive. A rental fee.




Place to plunge on a snow tube.

Prefer to curl up and read by the fire? Check out Starr Tree Farm.

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