Three men and…

Recently I’ve completed my second annual combined mission and construction trip to New Orleans.

It’s good to know what to expect. It helps with packing all the proper things. But it didn’t prevent me from forgetting soap. Fortunately I was prompted in time and purchased a bar at one of our stops. But I feel confident I would have managed. Not only are open stores plentiful in that portion of New Orleans, but I bet shampoo could double as soap in a pinch.

Sightseeing was limited. Our first evening we were escorted out to the construction site and stopped on the return trip. We climbed up the large, sodded levee, stood on a sidewalk, and looked over a short cement wall at Lake Pontchartrain. We’d seen a different portion of it driving in from the north. It’s impressive – with both size and beauty.

Sunset at Lake Pontchartrain
Sunset at Lake Pontchartrain


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