Spring Project

What did you do today?

Did you go to a job with wages? I hope it was one that you enjoy (most days that is — we all have a bummer once in a while).

Did you do a project around the house? Cleaning, repairs, yard work can all be useful, even healthy activities.

Recently my own answer to would be “I’m on a reading binge.” I suppose, as binges go this is better than some – no calories, quiet for the neighbors. And if I want to tug the description into a more positive shape I could say I worked on a project.

Long ago I read (of course) that the best preparation to be a writer is to be a reader. Our family read a wide variety. Our community lacked a public library when I was a child, but our home held magazines, books, and more books borrowed from the school library (except for the summer). Reading laid the groundwork for my second career even as the biographies of Clara Barton and Louis Pasteur fed my science interest for my first career.

I’ll leave you now. I’m off to read. Feed my habit. Work on my project.

Recent and current reading choices.
Recent and current reading choices.

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