Not Alone in Error

It underlined that I was a hick in the big city.

Oh, I’d visited before. And I expected toll roads in Chicagoland. At my meal break I’d even put some money from my wallet within easy reach and wondered what the current rate was.

My mistake was in believing these toll booths would be like other encountered in Illinois and other states. You may be familiar with the type – every lane goes through a gate. Those that pay with cash come to a complete stop while the vehicles with passes slow for the computers to read and deduct the fee.

A new twist – only a few lanes jog right to booths while other lanes continue at highway speed. Slow on the uptake I didn’t understand the signage.

A word to the hotel clerk when I checked in set me on a path to maintain a spot free driving record. Go to the web site, give them the information of all the when and where and what plus a valid credit card and all will be well with the tollway.

Would you believe I left Chicagoland on toll free state highways?


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