Houseplant Shuffle

Spring can be a time to dance. A time to savor the warmth of the sun and the beauty of bright green grass.

The other day I did a different sort of dance. If plants can be compared to children, I sent mine outside to play.

The tallest one is in the front flower bed, standing on a cement base in a shielded corner. The widest one summers on the patio. Out went the plant stand — holding one herb (rumor says Rosemary discourages mosquitos, taste buds confirm tasty with potatoes) and two ornamental foliage.

Tiny lettuce sips moisture and nutrients in the planter on a  small table nearby.  Will it keep the rabbits out? Or will they be as inventive and acrobatic as a squirrel sighting a bird feeder?

Ah! Time to clean the house, enjoy the extra room the green beauties leave me for the warm months. Now when I sit on the patio with my book the sights and smells around me have an extra layer of variety.