Early Risers

Winter where are you? Have you been hiding? Did I sleep in one day and miss it?

Oh, you went visiting other cities and regions. Heard that you surprised a few people. Really — was it necessary to give a place an entire winter ration of snow in one storm?

Yes, I’ll stop the critique and enjoy mild weather for walks, roads without ice, and sunshine through my window.

I’m not alone. The children play basketball, visit the swings, and glide on skateboards where a year ago they slid down icy slopes and tossed snowballs.

And in my humble garden the daffofils poke up into mild sun, drink in warmth and create green among the brown mulch. Their friends, flowering tree buds, begin to swell. Spring song starts early this year.

Please — don’t find your frosty fingers at this awkward time.

Peeking out

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