A Teen Favorite

When you think of teens do you think of food? And the speed at which it disappears in their presence?

Today I want to offer a dish that ranked only a few spaces below pizza when my boys were growing and attempting to eat anything not tied down.

We called it Shephard’s Pie – but it’s actually a dressed up meat loaf.

Prepare your favoite meat loaf recipe. (The ones without ketchup or BBQ sauce work best. I like sage in mine.)

Press meat loaf mixture into a pie plate and bake. Approx 10 minutes before it is done remove from oven. Drain excess grease.

Sprinkle with grated cheese. Add a layer of mashed potatoes. Top with more grated cheese. Also a sprinkle of paprika for color if desired.

Return to oven and finish baking. Cheese should melt but not burn.

Add vegetable, salad and bread for a complete feast.

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