Seasonal Sport

The days of November start cool and dark. The long days of summer are past, the earth prepares for winter.

And in a ritual older than the nation the hunters gather, prepare their weapons, and go out to lay in the winter supply of meat. It’s been modified in the last century or more. We have rules and seasons and limits now.

The hunters purchase ammunition at a store. No longer are they molding their own bullets for a smooth bore musket.

Solo or in small groups they drive to their favorite hunting ground. Aside from a dwindling number they don’t live, own, and hunt on the same portion of land.

When successful they register the kill, own the meat and hide. Will it be used? Very often the answer is yes. Is it the only method to fill the winter larder -freezer- not in this decade.

Does the author have mixed feelings of hunting season? No, I consider it a good thing when hunters pay attention to the safety and shoot the game, not each other.

Oh – Please pass the venison!

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