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The Morning After

One Friday night recently our city hosted a baseball game with their strongest rival.

That same Friday I concluded a meeting downtown a short time before the game ended. My light rail stop hosted only a pair of us for the route west. The next stop, outside of the baseball stadium, we collected enough subdued fans to comfortablely fill the car. I held my curousity close – dare I tap on on the shoulder and aske the score? Ignorance was good in this case – the home team lost and these were fans leaving early. The big rush would be following.

The next morning I return for the next portion of my meeting. I exit the light rail in the underground station four blocks from the hotel. I climb the steps, past the lone individual liquor bottle (it moved a few steps from yesterday) and through stale beer scented air to the sidewalk.

The fans celebrate – win or lose – when the Cardinals host the Cubs!

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